Baby Bear (bearasaurass) wrote in sandiegometal,
Baby Bear

New Site and Cd's

Hello everyone,

My band see you next tuesday just go out new web site up and also just received our new cds. If you could please check them both out. You can order the cd off of the site its only 4 bucks (CLICK HERE). We are also leaving for a short tour here on the 5th so if we are coming near you please check us out.

Aug 5 2005 -Eastland Bowling Lanes/CD release show!!!Essexville, MI

Aug 6 2005-The Brewery, Troy, OH

Aug 7 2005 -The Brickhouse ,St. Albans, WV

Aug 8 2005 -Forward Hall ,Erie, PA

Aug 9 2005 -Nikki & Sam's ,New York, NY

Aug 10 2005 -Basement of DOOM , Marcellus, NY

Aug 11 2005 -RAWEST VENUE ,Oak Ridge, NJ

Aug 12 2005 -The Spot , Elyria, OH

Aug 13 2005 -DIRFEST ,Birch Run, MI

Aug 18 2005 -Floyd's Bar ,Lincoln Park, MI

Aug 20 2005 -Elk's Lodge .47 , Saginaw, MI

Official Site
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im very confused about your comment and its meaning......


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haha ok ill just assume it is a good time to let it go

My band see you next tuesday just go out new web site up

"My band, 'See You Next Tuesday', just got our new web site up..."

much better.

ahh ok mistake on my part but either way you caught the drift

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ok so your saying that because my band is from michigan we are hicks/you cant like us?

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well first of all my band doesnt resemble emo in the slightest.

it is an acronym my friend....

C U Next Tuesday

its more grind than anything so if you would give it a chance....

Also i think you have a misconceptiona bout michigan

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not at all because well we sound nothing like anal cunt and i am happy for that....but if your stubborn enough to not check it out then honestly i dont care...